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Montessori Education Days Conference 2024 is taking place on Friday, January 26 & Saturday, January 27, 2024.


We will meet in-person at Barry University for two days of curated topics exposed by our expert guest speakers and plenty of opportunities to learn.

This event is designed to bring together educators, administrators, parents, and schools in Florida.

Registration is open! Get your event tickets now:

Montessori Education Days Conference, January 2024

Seeing the Child with Our Hearts


The same miraculous force that brings new life to the world, is the same force that drives the construction of the human being. We have the privilege of guiding each new Child along this path; a path that is newly formed for this pure being. Each child is born with a potential for greatness, and our job as Montessori educators is to help the child develop that potential.


Seeing the Child with our hearts speaks to the love we should have for every Child in our care and to help support the gifts that unique Child brings to the world. We want to support every Child to embrace this great mystery called life with awe, and to allow the force of love to light the path. As Dr. Montessori said, “Of all things, love is the most potent.”

Download our 2024 Conference Program

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Meet your Friday Keynote Speaker

Dr. Monica Gilbert, BCBA-D, LMHC,
Licensed Psychologist in Florida,
and an experienced conference Speaker!


With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Gilbert is the proud owner of two thriving private practices: Crystal Minds New Beginning and Crystal Minds Psychological Services. Specializing in providing compassionate care for individuals with ADHD, anxiety disorders, and autism across all age groups, Dr. Gilbert humbly brings her extensive expertise to the table.


Recognizing the need for change and improvement, Dr. Gilbert incorporated Motivational Interviewing into her ABA practice seven years ago. Witnessing the incredible impact, it had on increasing parental involvement and reducing therapist burnout.


Dr. Gilbert has delivered webinars and “bootcamps” on Motivational Interviewing through "The.MI.Doctor" platform. She has also been invited to share her expertise at prestigious conferences such as HABA, LABA, CalABA, NHABA, UTABA, and has been a trusted workshop facilitator for ABAI for five consecutive years.


Dr. Gilbert is also the author of the book, "How to STOP Talking and START Communicating." This invaluable resource provides a framework for using MI techniques in ABA parent coaching sessions, revolutionizing the way therapists and families connect.


Outside the box- Exploring Behavior Problems and strengthening Teacher-Parent Partnerships


Are behavior problems in your classroom causing frustration, fatigue, and burnout for teachers? Are you finding that interventions that have worked in the past are not effective for every child? It's time to ask yourself, what's missing?


During this session I will delve into the world of behavior problems in classrooms and uncover the missing piece of the puzzle. By identifying the "ABCs" of your students' behaviors, you will gain valuable insight into the "WHY" behind their actions. We will also explore empirically validated interventions that can make a real difference.

But it doesn't stop there. Building a strong partnership between teachers and parents is crucial, especially in a Montessori school setting. We will discuss strategies grounded in Motivational Interviewing that will provide teachers with valuable tools for effectively communicating with parents. Discover how to obtain "buy-in" from parents while maintaining a positive rapport.

Friday, January 26, 2024

An interactive workshop for educators

Meet your Saturday Keynote Speaker

Paula Lillard Preschlack


As a Montessori teacher and head of school for almost three decades, Paula has written and delivered hundreds of original talks to parent and educator audiences ranging from 10 people to over 1,000. She delivered keynote addresses at conferences for the North American Montessori Teachers Association, the Toronto Teacher’s Association, the Association Montessori Internationale-Canada, the Korea Montessori Federation, the Montessori Schools and Centres of Australia and the International Montessori Council. Paula loves sharing her passion and connecting with audiences.


Montessori Practices Reflect True Principles:
Let’s Strive for the Potential!


With colorful slides showing children of all ages working in high fidelity classrooms, Paula will guide the audience to reflect on why, where and how our practices reflect the principles of the Montessori approach. By using Montessori’s core principles as our true north, what steps can we take to make our way towards higher fidelity in all of our classrooms, no matter what our training, background or experience? 


When we apply Montessori’s principles authentically, what outcomes will we see in our students in the classrooms and beyond? Paula will show the traits that emerge and describe how they manifest, with photographs to support her remarks. 


Paula will conclude by taking this message one step further; proposing three simple, attainable steps that we can take as individuals to come together and help one another to reach our collective potential as a larger Montessori community. Only then will we be able to let the world know that there is this better approach of education, and that Montessori has much to offer ALL children–with every time, place and culture accounted for! 


This message of inspiration and hope is designed to kick off a conference that addresses all aspects of Montessori and all audience members.

Saturday, January 27
An interactive workshop for educators

Our School Sponsors

Alexander Montessori Schools

La Prima Casa Montessori Schools

Montessori Academy of Broward

Montessori School of Miami Shores

Montessori School of Pensacola

Muss Family Montessori School 

Summit-Questa Montessori School

Village Montessori Schools

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2024 Exhibitors

Gear Children 

Montessori Educativos

Montessori Containers

Intracoastal Audio & Music | Montessori Music Program

Montessori Wellness

Barry University Montessori Programs

International Center for Montessori Studies

Montessori Academy Training Institute

Montessori Teacher Training Institute

Summit Teacher Training Institute

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